How to Focus on Writing Your Script

Let's face it, there are lots of distractions when it comes to writing. Whether you are attached to your mobile phone or your neighbor is blasting their music, it can be hard to focus. When it comes to writing, your focus should be on the script and nothing else. As a writer myself, sometimes I get a bit distracted myself and find it difficult to write when my mind is running around.

Before you start to write, make sure you're in a quiet place where nothing can bother you. Silence your mobile, or even better, don't have your mobile on you! Make sure your mindset is focused on the script and nothing else. If you don't get distracted easily, you can always play calm music that doesn't have any lyrics. Even as I write this blog, I'm playing some relaxing music and my mindset is still focused on writing. When you listen to music with lyrics, you can get easily distracted and your mind can get easily attached to the words. Next thing you know, your typing lyrics into your script and the script doesn't make sense.

You don't have to spend a long period of time in front of the computer writing your script. Sometimes it's better to write for about an hour or so and keep writing non-stop. At the end of the hour, you can look back at what you wrote and see if you've made progress or not. Some writers are able to write five pages straight and others can write more or less. It depends on the goal you want to set during that period of time.

Finding the best time to write is when you'll know there's not going to be any distractions. I get it, life gets in the way sometimes and we have chores that need to be done. For example, you can do a load of laundry and write until the timer goes off. Another thing you can do is write in the early morning when people are rarely up or in the late evening when people are getting ready for bed. What's important is there should be a limited amount of distractions so before you get into writing your script, make sure your mindset is focused on writing and nothing else.

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