Q: What makes you qualified to be a script consultant?

A: I've had plenty of experience in the industry working with other writers and learning the craft from my screenwriting courses in college. I understand the struggles writers face when writing their scripts. When I provide feedback on scripts, I use the vast of my knowledge based on what I've learned in my screenwriting courses and feedback I have received on my scripts from the professionals in the industry.

Q: What's the difference between basic coverage and full coverage?

Great question! Basic coverage covers what I liked and what could be improved on the script. Full coverage is where I dig deep into your script and provide feedback on the story, characters, pacing, strengths, and weaknesses of the script overall.

Q: Do I have to make changes based on your feedback?

Not at all! Film is subjective, so just because I didn't like your film, doesn't mean someone else will. However if more than one person suggests making a change to a certain part of your script, you should probably take their advice.

Q: I have a logline/beat sheet. Can you take a look at it?

Yes! I'm more than happy to look at whatever you have and provide some thoughts. At this time, I don't have it on my services list, but feel free to contact me!