About Me

David Schwartz

Professional Script Reader & Consultant

Hey, I'm David! I'm a freelance script reader and consultant with plenty of experience in the screenwriting field. I have a passion for what I do, and my client testimonials prove the quality of my work. I first got interested in screenwriting when I took a screenwriting course in college.

Since then I took a few more screenwriting courses and enjoyed every second of it! Once I graduated from college, I continued developing my craft by writing various types of films (mainly short films and features) that range in various genres: from comedies, to dramas, to thrillers, and so on. 

During my time screenwriting, I was fortunate enough to turn one of the short films I wrote, and later film it in a different film production class. During that time, I also wrote a feature film that I was extremely passionate about, and still am passionate about. After several rewrites, I decided to submit my first feature to some screenwriting contests, and was lucky enough for it to be a quarter finalist in the 2019 Bluecat Screenwriting Contest

I have a passion for what I do. Screenwriting can be a difficult process that demands multiple rewrites. With my experience and passion for screenwriting, my goal is to ensure that I can help and consult you to the best of my abilities. I pour my passion and time into my craft, because that's what I love.

I work with private clients and screenwriters by offering support, documented notes, and constructive feedback on their projects. I offer two types of feedback, basic and full coverage. If you want basic feedback on your script, I'll tell you what I liked and what could be improved to make your script stronger. Full coverage feedback will cover notes on story, characters, pacing, strengths, and weaknesses.

I understand how competitive the film industry is, and my goal is to help writers get their scripts good enough before they send their scripts off to the industry! Not only am I passionate about screenwriting, but I'm also passionate about helping my clients hone their craft! I believe if you're passionate about what you do, your hard work will pay off in the end!


Please contact me at or fill out the contact form here. I'm always here to help!