New Service: Mentorship Program

I'm excited to announce a new service  I am offering. Are you working on a script and need some guidance? I'd like to help! There can be times when you're writing a script and you get stuck. The mentorship package is useful because you have someone to hold you accountable of your writing and makes sure you're getting the first draft done.

Depending on what you're working on, prices may vary. Once you purchase a mentorship package, I'll read about 5 pages or so and send you feedback and each week we'll set up a day and time to talk and during the call I'll check in on your writing progress and you'll send me the next few pages you've been working on. The length of the mentorship package varies and can be talked about. I'm not advertising it on my website because everyone's different. Some want to do 2 months. Some might want to do it longer.

If this sounds interesting, send me an e-mail: and let's get started!

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