Screenwriting Seminar 11/11!!

I'm very excited that one week from today, I'll be leading a screenwriting seminar in partnership with the Scriptwriters Network! As I make final preparations, I'd like to take a moment to give an idea of what to expect and why I feel you should attend.

What is it about?

The seminar is basically an introduction to screenwriting where not only I'll cover the basics, but also share the 5 most important elements that makes a script great! Once in a while, I'll pause and take questions from the audience before moving forward with the seminar. NOTE: Everyone learns differently, so whether your a professional like myself or not, you can choose what resonates with you the most.

Nothing irks me more when someone comes in and complains about "spreading misinformation" (believe me it's happened once at a Screenwriters Q&A a while back), but thankfully the Scriptwriters Network president will be there moderating the whole thing.

Why should you go?

Perhaps you're struggling with a certain area in your script, like story structure, and are looking for some tips. Look no further! This seminar is much more than providing tips and tricks to what makes a screenplay great, but much so, more than a guideline of why these elements are important. Even if you have a great story, it can always be better. I've been to screenwriting seminars where when I feel like I know everything, I walk away with something I've never knew before!

Personally, I'd like to invite my connections if they'd like to support me or anyone who is interested in increasing their knowledge! My fingers are crossed for a good turnout, but whether it's a big crowd or small, I can't wait to "see" you all!

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