What Professional Script Readers Look For in a Script

As someone who has had their script looked at by script readers in the industry, I can tell you that when your script is read by the professionals, their feedback is strict, but in a good way. The professional script readers have had plenty of experience in the industry and have had their scripts made professionally before they became script readers. As a script consultant myself, I use my feedback based on what I've learned in my screenwriting courses and feedback I've received on my scripts from the professionals.

When you send your script to be looked at by a professional script reader, they usually start with writing a logline based on your script and then begin to summarize what your script was about. After that, the reader gets into detail with what worked in the script and then what needs to be improved. But what exactly are they looking for?

As the script reader is reading your script, they're looking for a whole bunch of things such as pacing, character development, tone, stakes, marketability, tone, originality, and many other things. Compared to the professionals, I like to keep things simple and provide feedback on the story, characters, pacing, strengths, and weaknesses of the script overall. I even take it a step further and look for grammar and spelling errors writers tend to miss. Don't worry. It happens to all of us. Even when I go through my scripts I'll notice a spelling error or two.

Before you consider having a script reader in the industry look at your script please allow me to take a look at your script because the script readers in the industry tend to drill writers, especially beginners, and I don't want anyone to feel discouraged if a reader doesn't like their script. What are you waiting for? Check out my services menu on my site! I look forward to hearing from you.

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